What types of events do you perform at?

We perform at private parties, corporate events and weddings. From an intimate gathering to a large-scale event, we can adapt our performance to suit the type of event you are organising. We are available to perform at both day-time and evening events.

What format does your performance follow?

The group is comprised of 3 female vocalists and 1 double bass player. If one of the Sisters is unavailable we do not generally perform.

We typically perform during the cocktail part of the event during the time which guests enjoy a drink and canapés, usually preceding a meal. We can also perform during the meal.

We can perform either plugged which means the voices and accompanying bass are amplified through a PA system, or acoustic where no sound equipment is used (only in very intimate settings with minimum guests. A plugged performance is essential for larger events where background noise may be an issue or for large open spaces where sound may not travel effectively.

When we perform acoustically during dinner; usually between courses, we can move from table to table interacting with guests as we go. When we perform plugged, we need to be more stationary but still entertain with our full show!

It is sometimes possible to combine plugged and acoustic performances at the same event.

How long do your performances last?

Our performance lengths can vary to suit your event. From a one off 20 minute performance to a total of 90 minutes divided into several sets with costume changes in between.

Do you require electricity and sound equipment?

On the occasion that we are booked to perform plugged with sound equipment, we require an electricity power point located near to the performance space. We can provide our own sound system, which we can bring if arrangements have not already been made to source sound equipment for the event. In the case that the client is to provide the PA system, we will however bring our vintage style microphones, stands (and leads if required). We would need to communicate with the relevant sound technicians to make sure that our equipment is compatible with the PA system provided by the client and arrange a sound check in advance of the performance.

For our fully acoustic un-plugged performances, we do not require electricity or sound equipment.

Do you require a stage?

We do not require a stage although if you have already allowed for one at your event, we would be happy to use it for our performance. For us to perform, a performance space of between 4 and 6 metres width by 2 metres deep is ample.

Do you require lighting?

We do not require any specific lighting but always recommend when we are performing on a stage that some kind of directional lights are used to light the stage area.

Do you have a rider or any specific requirements?

We are very easygoing but require a few basic things in order to be able to perform in the best possible conditions. In terms of food and drink, we simply ask that water or other soft drinks are available to us upon arrival at the venue and after the performance. If we are required to be at the venue for more than 4 hours we ask for snacks or a meal to be available before or after the show. We also need a place to change and securely store our belongings. And of course we don’t mind if you throw in a complementary bottle of Champagne to warm up our vocal chords 🙂

Where are you based?

The Sisters are based in and around Cannes on the French Riviera.

Where do you perform?

We perform exclusively at events when we are hired especially to do so, we do not have a regular spot in a bar, club or restaurant.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes of course, as long as all travel and accommodation expenses (if applicable) are covered.

How far in advance of our event do we need to book you?

It is best to book as far in advance of your event as possible so that we can guarantee availability.


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